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Terms & Conditions of Limited 15 Year Warranty

Warranty coverage will only apply to COLONNATA Quartz Surfaces and will not cover any other material(s) or products that have been applied, fastened, glued, or adhered in any other way to the COLONNATA Quartz Surfaces.

COLONNATA warrants only those materials that have been installed into a residence, permanently into the interior, and have not been moved from their originally installed surface. Any desire to change color or finish will not be covered under this warranty. COLONNATA will only warrant material that is installed where the Original Registered Owner is also the primary occupant.

All COLONNATA Quartz Surfaces must be maintained properly for this warranty to be in effect. Abuse of any kind will void any claim that is made due to defect.

We strive to provide the finest quartz surfacing material in the market today. If there should be a failure due to a manufacturing defect, COLONNATA at its sole discretion may decide to repair or replace the material. Should this condition arise, COLONNATA will attempt to make such repair or replacement to the best possible result. Exact color, consistency and shade may vary from slab to slab, and we cannot be held liable to producing the exact match to the original material installed.

Any decision that will be made with regard to this warranty will be at the sole discretion of COLONNATA. No other person, company, representative, dealer, fabricator, or distributor will be allowed to make any promises or commitments on behalf of COLONNATA, its successors or assigns.

Warranty Exclusions

This warranty is for Residential use only and does not include any commercial. Please see the Commercial Warranty for questions concerning that type of installation.

COLONNATA cannot be held liable for any failure for anything other than the material that it provides. This would include any failure by a fabricator(s) who have not followed the necessary fabrication and installation techniques for working with COLONNATA Quartz Surfaces. Any installation that has been found to be the result of improper fabrication or installation will be the sole responsibility of the fabricator and/or installer to repair or replace. This also would include any defect that was visible at the time of fabrication that was not addressed or avoided. All certified COLONNATA Quartz Surfaces fabricators are required to have inspected the material before fabrication to prevent such occurrences.

COLONNATA Quartz Surfaces are not warrantied for any installation outdoors.

Direct and constant exposure to the sun may cause differences in the appearance of the material and therefore should be avoided.

No quartz material is warranted against abuse and neglect and COLONNATA Quartz Surfaces are no exception. This warranty will be considered void if the material is found to have been misused, abused, mishandled, exposed to excessive heat, had chemical damage, physical damage, or any other damage that has resulted from abuse or neglect. COLONNATA Quartz Surfaces are very strong and resilient; however they can be damaged by impact. This warranty will not cover any damage due to chip-ping or damage from impact to the surface of the material including scratching.

The seams in your COLONNATA Quartz Surfaces were made during the installation of your countertops. For any question or need for repair you will need to contact your installation company. COLONNATA will not be responsible for any seams or installation issues.

COLONNATA will not warrant any material breakdown for material that has been bent, curved, milled or reduced in thickness. These are methods that may be used to create a certain “look” and are not recommended.

Any damage and/or resulting claim derived from fabrication or installation will be the sole responsibility of the fabricator and/or installer. This includes, but is not limited to, sink installation, installation of sink anchors, chips or cracks that have resulted from poor fabrication processes, altering of the factory finish (other than the forming and re-polishing of edge treatments), etc. COLONNATA, will be held harmless against any claims and/or actions resulting from this type of issue.

Variations in color, consistency, shade, shape, and pattern distribution within the material are common characteristics within COLONNATA Quartz Surfaces. Spots or Blemishes that occur naturally in the manufacture of the product are allowable if smaller than the size of a dime, and do not affect the structure or the integrity of the material in which they are found. Samples are provided to the fabricator for general selection, but it is recommended that the slabs be selected individually so that there is no question about what will be allowable for your installation. This warranty does not cover material that is within the guidelines listed above.

COLONNATA warrants their material under the guidelines listed above and cannot be responsible for outside factors such as jobsite condition, poor design, expansion and/or contraction of the structure that it is adhered to, vandalism or act of God and shall be held harmless against all actions thereof. Any loss of direct, indirect, consequential, incidental, special, exemplary, or punitive damages arising out of the use of, or inability to use the COLONNATA Quartz Surfaces will not be held against COLONNATA in any way.

Certifications : NSF Approved, Green Guard Certified